Batec Electrique
Batec Quad électrique
Batec Hybride
Batec Quad hybride
Batec Manuel
Batec Quad manuel
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Batec Urban
Batec Urban Tetra

The Batec is available in three models: BATEC ELECTRIC, BATEC MANUAL and BATEC HYBRID. All of the Batec models have the same frame and structure; the only difference is how they are powered:

  •   BATEC ELECTRIC: powered by an electric motor on the front wheel.

  •   BATEC MANUAL: powered by using hand pedals.

  •   BATEC HYBRID: powered by a combination of an electric motor on the front wheel and hand pedals.

    All 3 Batec models are designed for users with full hand function in their standard configuration. For users without full hand function, we have specially adapted controls, sold under the name QUAD.

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